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4 Common Location Targeting Myths

Before You Greenlight That Next Big Campaign: The Veiled Truth About Targeting Data

The Transparency Trap: In the Data Market ‘Transparency’ Standards are Low

Two Targeting Conversations That are Sure to Get Louder in 2019

How the Ad Industry Encourages Poor Data Quality

We’ve Improved Media Transparency. Let’s Do the Same with Data.

Emodo Institute to Challenge the Low Bar of Data Quality at Avertising Week (Oct. 1-4)

Announcing Emodo Supply: The First Carrier-verified SSP

Today, We Launched the Emodo Institute

Location Data is Flawed Across the Programmatic Landscape

Mobile’s Little Secret is a Big Drag on ROI for Advertisers

Inaccurate Audience Location Data May Be the #1 Threat to Campaign ROI. Here’s How to Fix it

Placecast is now Ericsson Emodo

Why You Need to Validate Your Location Audience Segments

Media Buyers, Make Sure You Hit the Mark

Where is my money going? Marketers finally have an answer for bad location data.

5 Best Practices for Designing the Best Mobile Ad Experiences

QSR Vs. Retail: Battle of the Mobile Marketing Strategies

Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Measurement

Placecast's Partner, Mobsta, Named Leading Geolocation Provider in U.K.

Since Real-World Places Are Dynamic, Geofences Should Be, Too

The Mobile-Centric Shopper: Understanding Black Friday Retail Behavior

Native Ads: What Works & How to Make Sure They Reach Your Target Audience

Moving Towards 100% Ad Viewability

Broadcast, Pinpoint, Demonstrate: How Mobile Can Enhance OOH Advertising

How Marketers Can Use Location Data to Connect Online and Offline Experiences

Using Location Data for Mobile Advertising

Video: Leveraging & Measuring Location Based Marketing

Video: Measuring Location-Based Mobile Ad Effectiveness

The Fight Against Mobile Ad Fraud

Debunking The Top 6 Myths About Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Mobile Location Data Management & Advertising Trends in 2016

Retailer Increases Store Visits with Location-based Mobile Ads

Anne Bezancon speaks at DeveloperWeek

Tiles, proxies and exact places: Building location audience profiles

Alistair Goodman speaks at M1 Summit

Importance of good place (POI) data

Challenging Misconceptions in Location Data Science

Mobile DMPs Nudge Their Way Onto The Ad Tech Scene

The rise of the mobile data management platform: The holy grail of location data

Anne Bezancon Speaks at Street Fight Summit West

Placecast Launches Proven Mobile Data Management Platform as Stand-Alone Solution

Mobile Carriers Must Avoid the ‘Dumb-Pipe’ Syndrome

Placecast Survey Shows Consumers are Engaging with Mobile Payment Services, and It’s Anyone’s Game

‘Aha™ by Harman’ and Placecast Bring Location-Based Radio Advertising to Cars

New Study on Mobile Trends this Holiday Season: 3 out of 4 smartphone owners plan to use mobile!

Consumers are increasingly interested in location-based content

Placecast Unveils PlaceAd®, Mobile Advertising’s First Location-based DSP

Digital Dads are at the Forefront of Mobile Marketing

Resource Launches Mobile Wallet, In Partnership with Placecast

Why Credit Card Companies Need Some Madison Avenue Style

Placecast partners with SocialVibe to combine geolocation and virtual currency

Placecast Launches ‘Card-Linked ShopAlerts’, Leveraging Powerful Patent + Geofencing Technology to Deliver Performance-based Mobile Marketing

How Mobile Text Alerts and Location Affect Consumer Retail Behavior

Pizza Hut’s location-based mobile campaign ‘4.4 times more effective than TV’

Location and the Local Ad Market Opportunity

The Buzz Around Location Data Management

The old adage “Location, location, location” has a whole new meaning; Mobile users worldwide demand more location-based services

Placecast’s ShopAlerts Picks Up Fifth Award Distinction of the Year: Official Honoree of 2010 Webby Awards

Retail Goes Mobile: Finding New Consumer Connections through Mobile Devices

Placecast Announced as Global Mobile Awards Nominee

Placecast Webinar: “Innovations in Retail: Using Mobile Technology to Drive Foot Traffic and Sales”

The Alert Shopper Series #6 - Final Results

The Alert Shopper Series #5 - Teens and Mobile Marketing

The Alert Shopper Series #4 - Men and Mobile

The Alert Shopper #3 - Exclusive Harris Interactive Survey

The Alert Shopper Series #2 - Moms and Mobile Marketing

Placecast presents, "The Alert Shopper Study"

eMarketer: Targeting Parents with Mobile Alerts

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