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The Emodo Institute is wholly focused on the research, education and resolution of the mobile data concerns that challenge the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Through the application of data science, analysis and mobile marketing expertise, we push location data issues out of the shadows and toward a resolution. Our team conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches courses to help media buyers, sellers, and solution providers master and apply practices that dramatically improve data accuracy.

Recent Posts

4 Common Location Targeting Myths

Emodo Institute - 3/8/19 8:49 AM

Jake Moskowitz’ latest article on Street Fight dispels common myths about location targeting in Automotive, Retail, Travel and QSR campaigns. In the article, Jake doesn’t just call out the untrue, he also clarifies the real (and really compelling) opportunities for those industries. Give it a read... 

Four Targeting Myths That Devalue the Real Power of Location Targeting

When it comes to mobile targeting, location data can be very powerful, but it’s certainly not perfect.  The key to achieving maximum impact is knowing what location data is really good at and focusing on its real strengths. Unfortunately, in the race to engage mobile customers, the lines between truth and myth have gotten trampled and muddled. Every once in a while, it’s good to debunk and clarify, so here’s a fresh look.

Topics: Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Location Data Management- Research- Programmatic- Retail Advertising- QSR Advertising- Location Targeting- Travel Advertising

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Before You Greenlight That Next Big Campaign: The Veiled Truth About Targeting Data

Emodo Institute - 1/22/19 6:07 PM

These days, almost every forward-thinking marketing initiative is based on an assumption that the targeting data is solid, proven and readily available. It’s certainly available (in abundance). However, it isn’t always solid, and it’s almost never proven. 

The science behind targeting data is unlike any other. It's unregulated, opaque and routinely inaccurate. In his recent article on Forbes.com, Alistair Goodman, GM of Ericsson Emodo, reveals the reasons behind the veiled nature of data science and provides guidance for protecting your data-centric marketing investments...

Topics: Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Mobile Measurement- Location Data Management- Research- Programmatic

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The Transparency Trap: In the Data Market ‘Transparency’ Standards are Low

Emodo Institute - 1/2/19 1:48 PM

In advertising, the term ‘media transparency’ carries specific expectations of accountability for media vendors. When the discussion turns to the topic of data, however, ‘transparency’ implies no clear expectation at all. On the media side, ‘transparency’ means “prove it.” It means “show me the viewability rates, fraud percentages, and critical information to protect my brand.” When pertaining to data, ‘transparency’ simply means “tell me where the data came from” — that’s it.

But that's not enough...

Topics: Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Mobile Measurement- Location Data Management- Research- Programmatic

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Two Targeting Conversations That are Sure to Get Louder in 2019

Emodo Institute - 12/19/18 3:13 PM

Two location targeting themes are gaining real steam as we near the end of 2018 – “People-based Marketing” and the significant problem of data inaccuracy. The former was a recurring topic of interest in numerous presentations during Ad Week and again at IAB’s Data and Mobile Symposium earlier this month. It’s a big idea that’s sure to gain even more steam in 2019. However, in order for individualized targeting to work, the data needs to be much more accurate. Today, about half of the data used for targeting is inaccurate.

Topics: Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Mobile Measurement- Location Data Management- Research- Programmatic

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