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Retailer Increases Store Visits with Location-based Mobile Ads

Sarah Din - 2/26/16 2:44 PM

Mobile advertising, especially location-based mobile advertising can be an extremely effective method for brands, especially retailers with brick and mortar stores, to increase store visits. This is a case study that outlines one such high-end retailer that worked with Placecast to increase its store visit rate.

Placecast worked with 360i, a digital marketing agency for a high-end department chain retailer, to deliver rich media, location-based mobile ads to users around the retailer’s store locations.


Retailer Mobile Banner Ad 

Targeting and User Experience

For this campaign, the brand wanted to target users within 10 miles of a few select locations in their top DMA’s around the country.

Consumers were served one of two creative versions, one that featured a nearby location name that linked to a dedicated landing page with store location information, and a generic version that linked to a store locator landing page.


Mobile Ad Performance and Attribution

360i worked with a few different location-based mobile DSP vendors to run this campaign, and worked with Placed to run a panel-based mobile ad attribution study to analyze campaign performance and results. Placecast was one of the two top performers per the PlaceAd results. The summary of the results:

  • Ad frequency for the average number of impressions per panelist was measured at 8.11
  • The store conversion rate at which the placed panelists visited the store per impression served was 0.12%, with a cost per store visit of $3.44
  • The store visit lift was measured at 64.42%, with a $9.78 cost per lift store visit

The Placed attribution study also measured the demographics, geography, business and installed aps affinities of the exposed audience that visited the advertiser’s store, compared to the rest of the placed panel.

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Sarah Din

Sarah Din

Sarah is the Director of Marketing at Placececast. Placecast is the industry's leading enterprise-grade platform for data management and display advertising. From managing millions of mobile user profiles and locations for clients, to delivering audience and location-targeted mobile ad campaigns, Placecast has been trusted globally by several Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Rogers, Visa, O2 Telefonica, and has created over 400 Million unique mobile user profiles utilizing billions of mobile data attributes.

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