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Pizza Hut’s location-based mobile campaign ‘4.4 times more effective than TV’

Sarah Din - 2/7/12 2:34 PM
Pizza Hut is seeing great success from its location-based mobile campaign with O2 more in the U.K. The campaign that ran for 15 months (from Nov 2010 to January 2012) involved several different mediums including TV, Radio, Radio, Facebook, Digital, Out Of Home and ATM.
Using the ShopAlerts® platform with O2 More, Pizza Hut’s mobile campaign used intelligent targeting of the right audience at the right time, in the right location – the results speak for themselves. It was found that mobile was 142% more efficient in delivering incremental sales revenue than the measure campaign average, 4.4 times more efficient than TV and 2.6 time more efficient than their online campaigns.

Claire Valoti, managing director at O2 Media, said, “All parties wanted to truly understand both the efficiency and impact of mobile within a multimedia schedule. "As our offering evolves we can increasingly deliver and offer a better understanding the potential role of mobile messaging in driving engagement and its role in purchase intent as the cause of a sale is an increasingly complex task.” 

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Case Studies

Sarah Din

Sarah Din

Sarah is the Director of Marketing at Placececast. Placecast is the industry's leading enterprise-grade platform for data management and display advertising. From managing millions of mobile user profiles and locations for clients, to delivering audience and location-targeted mobile ad campaigns, Placecast has been trusted globally by several Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Rogers, Visa, O2 Telefonica, and has created over 400 Million unique mobile user profiles utilizing billions of mobile data attributes.

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