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Retail Goes Mobile: Finding New Consumer Connections through Mobile Devices

Sarah Din - 4/21/11 4:01 PM

Today, Kathryn Koegel, President of Primary Impact Research, presented the latest research on mobile marketing within the retail sector. The webinar, hosted by Placecast, gives insights into purchase behavior, media consumption, and consumer receptivity to retailers currently leveraging the always-on mobile device. The session also includes a location-based mobile case study providing data and key learning for retailers seeking to drive in-store foot traffic and sales.

View the webinar:

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Case Studies

Sarah Din

Sarah Din

Sarah is the Director of Marketing at Placececast. Placecast is the industry's leading enterprise-grade platform for data management and display advertising. From managing millions of mobile user profiles and locations for clients, to delivering audience and location-targeted mobile ad campaigns, Placecast has been trusted globally by several Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Rogers, Visa, O2 Telefonica, and has created over 400 Million unique mobile user profiles utilizing billions of mobile data attributes.

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