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Retailer Increases Store Visits with Location-based Mobile Ads

Sarah Din - 2/26/16 2:44 PM

Mobile advertising, especially location-based mobile advertising can be an extremely effective method for brands, especially retailers with brick and mortar stores, to increase store visits. This is a case study that outlines one such high-end retailer that worked with Placecast to increase its store visit rate.

Placecast worked with 360i, a digital marketing agency for a high-end department chain retailer, to deliver rich media, location-based mobile ads to users around the retailer’s store locations.


Topics: Mobile Advertising- Case Studies

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Placecast partners with SocialVibe to combine geolocation and virtual currency

Sarah Din - 12/18/12 2:29 PM

A new partnership between digital ad company SocialVibe and Placecast integrates SocialVibe’s platform and Placecast’s patented geofencing technology to deliver virtual currency via SMS to users who complete one of SocialVibe’s brand engagements for merchants like Best Buy and are then found nearby physical merchant store locations. This experience allows a brand to create a seamless connection with these users and extends SocialVibe’s successful online engagement model into the real world, reaching U.S. consumers across the buying cycle and rewarding them with virtual currency through the process. 

Topics: Location Data Management- Case Studies- Other

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Pizza Hut’s location-based mobile campaign ‘4.4 times more effective than TV’

Sarah Din - 2/7/12 2:34 PM
Pizza Hut is seeing great success from its location-based mobile campaign with O2 more in the U.K. The campaign that ran for 15 months (from Nov 2010 to January 2012) involved several different mediums including TV, Radio, Radio, Facebook, Digital, Out Of Home and ATM.

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Case Studies

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Retail Goes Mobile: Finding New Consumer Connections through Mobile Devices

Sarah Din - 4/21/11 4:01 PM

Today, Kathryn Koegel, President of Primary Impact Research, presented the latest research on mobile marketing within the retail sector. The webinar, hosted by Placecast, gives insights into purchase behavior, media consumption, and consumer receptivity to retailers currently leveraging the always-on mobile device. The session also includes a location-based mobile case study providing data and key learning for retailers seeking to drive in-store foot traffic and sales.

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Case Studies

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