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How the Ad Industry Encourages Poor Data Quality

Emodo Institute - 10/31/18 10:39 PM

Jake Moskowitz, in his latest Street Fight article, examines the ways in which data stores are exacerbating the problem of data inaccuracy in advertising...

Topics: Research- Mobile Advertising- Industry trends

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Today, We Launched the Emodo Institute

Jake Moskowitz - 7/10/18 4:18 PM

Location data is one of the most promising elements of mobile marketing. Unfortunately, the mobile advertising process and ecosystem are rife with flawed data and data-centric practices. And it’s no secret, as AdAge found over 80% of marketers and agencies to be concerned about location data quality.*

In our effort to discover, resolve and educate mobile advertisers about mobile data concerns, Emodo experts, researchers and data scientists have been conducting advertising studies and analyzing mobile data since day one. You might even say we’ve been on a mission to solve this problem.

Today, we announced the formalization of those efforts with the launch of the Emodo Institute.

The Emodo Institute is the first educational initiative dedicated to highlighting the truth about data inadequacy in mobile advertising. Our team conducts studies, publishes papers and teaches courses to help media buyers, sellers and solution providers master and apply practices that can dramatically improve the data and performance of mobile campaigns.

All of our first-party research and structured educational programs are:

  • Powered by Emodo’s unique access to mobile carrier data
  • Intended to push mobile data issues out of the shadows, toward a resolution
  • Designed to make learning easy and convenient for advertising teams
  • Provided to help digital practitioners foster a deeper understanding of mobile advertising and achieve markedly better advertising outcomes

The Emodo Institute will continually conduct research and share results and perspectives openly in the form of articles, papers, reports, presentations and other content. Our learning programs will include an array of courses focused on specific aspects of mobile advertising and data. The classes will be provided in a variety of formats, including on-site instructor-led classes, webinars, and presentations at key industry events.

The initial list of courses includes:

  • Mobile Programmatic Advertising Basics
  • Mobile Data Sourcing & Curation
  • Mobile Data Verification
  • Mobile Data Privacy & Security

The Emodo Institute is spearheaded by mobile data and measurement veteran, Jake Moskowitz. Jake is a Nielsen alum and former AT&T mobile advertising pioneer. His team is currently engaged in a number of studies and is set to offer the Institute’s first courses later this summer.

If you’d like to learn more about the Emodo Institute, please drop us a note.

If you’d like your team to gain applicable expertise in mobile audience targeting, take a look at the course descriptions and let us know which classes you’re interested in.

*AdAge & Factual survey, October 2017

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Industry trends

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Location Data is Flawed Across the Programmatic Landscape

Jake Moskowitz - 6/20/18 4:14 PM

When it comes to location-based advertising, the data you choose may pose the greatest threat to the ROI of your campaigns.

A recent study of a broad range of campaign datasets revealed significantly flawed location data from data sources of all stripes, including exchanges, apps/SDKs and specialty data providers.

Topics: Location Data Management- Mobile Measurement- Industry trends- Mobile Advertising

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Inaccurate Audience Location Data May Be the #1 Threat to Campaign ROI. Here’s How to Fix it

Jake Moskowitz - 6/1/18 4:06 PM
Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital ad spend, the biggest threat to campaign ROI may actually be in the data used for location-based targeting. The fact is, almost half of the device location data used in location-based campaigns are inaccurate.

Across the projected $20.7 Billion in location-based ad spend this year, that represents a huge industry-wide miss. It’s highly likely that inaccurate data is having a significant negative impact on the ROI of your location-based campaigns.

Topics: Location Data Management- Industry trends- Mobile Measurement- Mobile Advertising

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