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We’ve Improved Media Transparency. Let’s Do the Same with Data.

Emodo Institute - 10/5/18 12:12 PM

In his latest Street Fight op-ed, Jake Moskowitz compares the need for data verification to essential media verification initiatives like viewability and fraud…

Topics: Research- Mobile Measurement- Industry trends

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Location Data is Flawed Across the Programmatic Landscape

Jake Moskowitz - 6/20/18 4:14 PM

When it comes to location-based advertising, the data you choose may pose the greatest threat to the ROI of your campaigns.

A recent study of a broad range of campaign datasets revealed significantly flawed location data from data sources of all stripes, including exchanges, apps/SDKs and specialty data providers.

Topics: Location Data Management- Mobile Measurement- Industry trends- Mobile Advertising

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Inaccurate Audience Location Data May Be the #1 Threat to Campaign ROI. Here’s How to Fix it

Jake Moskowitz - 6/1/18 4:06 PM
Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital ad spend, the biggest threat to campaign ROI may actually be in the data used for location-based targeting. The fact is, almost half of the device location data used in location-based campaigns are inaccurate.

Across the projected $20.7 Billion in location-based ad spend this year, that represents a huge industry-wide miss. It’s highly likely that inaccurate data is having a significant negative impact on the ROI of your location-based campaigns.

Topics: Location Data Management- Industry trends- Mobile Measurement- Mobile Advertising

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Media Buyers, Make Sure You Hit the Mark

Pei-pei Lin - 9/27/17 8:30 AM

Nearly every marketer (96 percent) today considers location data to be important - with it, marketers have the unique opportunity to gain a rich understanding of consumer behavior, bridging the gap between online ad exposure and real-world behavior. This data presents opportunities spanning beyond attribution, gathering insights, and segmentation.

Topics: Mobile Measurement- Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Location Data Management

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