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QSR Vs. Retail: Battle of the Mobile Marketing Strategies

Sarah Din - 4/3/17 11:11 AM

If comparing the mobile marketing universe to high school, millennials are the “cool kids”—a group whose attention is highly sought after, whose preferences and behaviors are closely observed, and whose approval can mark the difference between popularity and obscurity. As millennial spending power grows, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and retailers alike are scrambling to make their marketing strategies relevant to this demographic.

And rightfully so--the Restaurant Marketing Labs reports that millennials spend more money on eating out than any other generation. Plus, Accenture predicts that millennial retail spending will grow to $1.4 trillion annually to account for 30 percent of total retail sales by 2020. It’s no secret that surviving in today’s market requires appealing to the millennial consumer, 86 percent of whom own smartphones.

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Placecast's Partner, Mobsta, Named Leading Geolocation Provider in U.K.

Sarah Din - 2/10/17 11:05 AM

Independent test of providers by MediaCom puts Mobsta firmly at the forefront

Mobsta, a location targeting and data specialist in the UK, just announced that it has been ranked number one in an independent ranking of geolocation providers in the UK. The test, run by MediaCom, was designed to determine the validity of the claims of many of the companies, that they offer the best reach and accuracy, so that the agency could partner with the right provider. Mobsta’s first place ranking makes it the most accurate geolocation partner for brands today. 

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Video: Leveraging & Measuring Location Based Marketing

Sarah Din - 5/24/16 4:08 PM

Placecast was honored to present at the I-COM Global Summit in Seville, Spain, where the theme of the event was “Making Data Human”.

Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, presented with Maria Domoslawska, VP of Global Strategy and Research at Research Now (the largest single source Global Panel). Placecast recently partnered with Research Now to study the impact of digital and mobile marketing on real-world behaviors. The study is based on combining passively collected location data, and survey answers from panel participants, with the aim of building best practices for location-based marketing in the new mobile ecosystem.

For this presentation, Alistair and Maria presented a combination of research data, an actual case study, and some key best practices around “Leveraging and Measuring Location-based Marketing”. These sessions were recorded, and here are the videos of the presentation, and the Q&A session after!

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Video: Measuring Location-Based Mobile Ad Effectiveness

Sarah Din - 5/9/16 1:21 PM

Earlier in March this year, Placecast's National Sales Director, Lee Karchawer, spoke at a panel at RetailLoco, SXSW. The topic of the panel was "Measuring Location-Based Ad Effectiveness" and panelists discussed some of the best practices around how to leverage mobile and location data to measure attribution, and the actual impact and engagement of a mobile ad campaign. 

Topics: Mobile Advertising- Mobile Measurement- Other

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