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Before You Greenlight That Next Big Campaign: The Veiled Truth About Targeting Data

Emodo Institute - 1/22/19 6:07 PM

These days, almost every forward-thinking marketing initiative is based on an assumption that the targeting data is solid, proven and readily available. It’s certainly available (in abundance). However, it isn’t always solid, and it’s almost never proven. 

The science behind targeting data is unlike any other. It's unregulated, opaque and routinely inaccurate. In his recent article on, Alistair Goodman, GM of Ericsson Emodo, reveals the reasons behind the veiled nature of data science and provides guidance for protecting your data-centric marketing investments...

Topics: Programmatic- Research- Location Data Management- Mobile Measurement- Industry trends- Mobile Advertising

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The Transparency Trap: In the Data Market ‘Transparency’ Standards are Low

Emodo Institute - 1/2/19 1:48 PM

In advertising, the term ‘media transparency’ carries specific expectations of accountability for media vendors. When the discussion turns to the topic of data, however, ‘transparency’ implies no clear expectation at all. On the media side, ‘transparency’ means “prove it.” It means “show me the viewability rates, fraud percentages, and critical information to protect my brand.” When pertaining to data, ‘transparency’ simply means “tell me where the data came from” — that’s it.

But that's not enough...

Topics: Research- Industry trends- Mobile Measurement- Mobile Advertising- Programmatic- Location Data Management

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Two Targeting Conversations That are Sure to Get Louder in 2019

Emodo Institute - 12/19/18 3:13 PM

Two location targeting themes are gaining real steam as we near the end of 2018 – “People-based Marketing” and the significant problem of data inaccuracy. The former was a recurring topic of interest in numerous presentations during Ad Week and again at IAB’s Data and Mobile Symposium earlier this month. It’s a big idea that’s sure to gain even more steam in 2019. However, in order for individualized targeting to work, the data needs to be much more accurate. Today, about half of the data used for targeting is inaccurate.

Topics: Research- Industry trends- Mobile Measurement- Mobile Advertising- Programmatic- Location Data Management

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Announcing Emodo Supply: The First Carrier-verified SSP

Pei-pei Lin - 9/20/18 7:00 AM

Last week, we launched Emodo Supply, the industry’s first and only mobile carrier-verified SSP. Emodo Supply is designed to dramatically reduce the number of wasted impressions and dollars that result from data inaccuracies. Just like there are impurities in water and people would choose to drink filtered to unfiltered water, there’s a lot of inaccurate data out there, and the programmatic bidstream needs to be filtered as well.

Why does supply need to be filtered?

We built Emodo Supply because advertising data has proven, over and over again, to be highly inaccurate. Over the last few years, Emodo analyzed billions of bids across major programmatic exchanges. On average, 57% of lat/long location data in bid requests was found to be inaccurate. For example, if a user is located more than one mile from the lat/long coordinate listed in the bid request, the location data is inaccurate. Data is verified by cell tower data captured by that device’s mobile carrier network.

What Emodo Supply is and why it matters:

Emodo Supply is an SSP - a source of programmatic inventory available today across multiple DSPs. But what makes it different than other inventory sources is that it uses mobile carrier data as a source of truth to filter data for accuracy.

Emodo Supply is powered by a pre-bid algorithm that uses dozens of criteria to make a real-time decision about whether or not the data in any bid request is likely to be accurate. The pre-bid algorithm is effective at uncovering bad location data, fraud, and poor-performing media. All bid requests that score poorly (i.e. highly likely to be inaccurate) get filtered out. Only bid requests highly likely to be accurate are made available within the Emodo Supply SSP.

Putting Emodo Supply to work

Because data quality is predictive of multiple metrics of media quality, Emodo Supply can be useful for marketers in different ways. Marketers looking to improve quality such as minimizing fraud can benefit from using Emodo Supply to eliminate bid requests that score badly e.g. those passing inaccurate data. Those looking to optimize performance, especially in driving in-store traffic, increase efficiency by focusing on bid requests with high data quality.

Marketers interested in geotargeting consumers in real-time will reduce media waste by half or more by sourcing inventory from Emodo Supply.

Getting Started with Emodo Supply:

Emodo Supply SSP is like any other SSP. Just log into your DSP and add “Ericsson Emodo” - look for it as a sub-exchange under Bidswitch. If you don’t see it, ask your DSP representative to make Emodo Supply SSP available to you.

When bidding on Emodo Supply inventory, bid requests are fully biddable, there’s a price floor in place, and inventory is sold on a second price auction basis. No direct relationship or payment is needed directly with Emodo, and there is no charge beyond the second price in the auction. All metadata associated with a bid request is passed along to the bidder or marketer.

If you want to learn more or have any questions about Emodo Supply, please email


Topics: Industry trends- Location Data Management- New Product- Programmatic

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