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How the Ad Industry Encourages Poor Data Quality

Emodo Institute - 10/31/18 10:39 PM

Jake Moskowitz, in his latest Street Fight article, examines the ways in which data stores are exacerbating the problem of data inaccuracy in advertising...

Topics: Research- Mobile Advertising- Industry trends

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We’ve Improved Media Transparency. Let’s Do the Same with Data.

Emodo Institute - 10/5/18 12:12 PM

In his latest Street Fight op-ed, Jake Moskowitz compares the need for data verification to essential media verification initiatives like viewability and fraud…

Topics: Research- Mobile Measurement- Industry trends

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The Mobile-Centric Shopper: Understanding Black Friday Retail Behavior

Sarah Din - 11/22/16 10:37 AM

With Black Friday looming, marketers are working to reach their target audience with a last minute push. With smartphone usage exploding, marketers can no longer rely on one channel, medium or device to help reach their audience. This year, it’s more important than ever to connect online to offline--across all devices.

Analyzing past online and offline behavioral data is a critical step in creating a marketing plan, which is why we recently joined forces with Research Now to create a new methodology to integrate cross-device data collection and understand a shopper’s path to purchase.

A Black Friday study was conducted using this new methodology with Research Now and ID graph panel (detailed below). We selected a sample size of 40,000 panelists and opened a new range of insight opportunities during the biggest sale of the year.


Topics: Industry trends- Research- Mobile Measurement

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New Study on Mobile Trends this Holiday Season: 3 out of 4 smartphone owners plan to use mobile!

Sarah Din - 11/20/14 1:41 PM

A new Placecast poll conducted online within the U.S. on their behalf by Harris Poll indicates that nearly 118 million smartphone owners will be relying on their phones for holiday shopping this year.*

Topics: Research- Mobile Advertising

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