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4 Common Location Targeting Myths

Emodo Institute - 3/8/19 8:49 AM

Jake Moskowitz’ latest article on Street Fight dispels common myths about location targeting in Automotive, Retail, Travel and QSR campaigns. In the article, Jake doesn’t just call out the untrue, he also clarifies the real (and really compelling) opportunities for those industries. Give it a read... 

Four Targeting Myths That Devalue the Real Power of Location Targeting

When it comes to mobile targeting, location data can be very powerful, but it’s certainly not perfect.  The key to achieving maximum impact is knowing what location data is really good at and focusing on its real strengths. Unfortunately, in the race to engage mobile customers, the lines between truth and myth have gotten trampled and muddled. Every once in a while, it’s good to debunk and clarify, so here’s a fresh look.

Topics: Industry trends- Mobile Advertising- Location Data Management- Research- Programmatic- Retail Advertising- QSR Advertising- Location Targeting- Travel Advertising

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